Friday, October 15, 2010

New of 2013 Porsche “Baby” Boxster

New of 2013 Porsche “Baby” Boxster

The baby Boxster is no "baby talk".

Porsche has been a truly adventurous company. When the Cayenne first came out, there were a lot of skepticism on whether the so-called “sport SUV” would sell. Many years later, the Cayenne has become a popular luxury SUV. Then came the four-door Panamera. It has the horsepower, prestige, room for four adult occupants, and most importantly, superb handling that makes the Mercedes-Benz S Class and BMW 7 series nervous. The Panamera is still relatively new and it has yet to proof itself to consumers. But so far it has been well-perceived.

Here comes another creative idea from Porsche: a baby Boxster code named, “New 356″. It is likely to have a 2.0L fuel-efficient engine that pumps out about 250hp. The engine may be shared with the upcoming Audi R4.

On the sales front, lower-end models in a luxury brand tend to sell – the Audi A3, BMW 1 and 3 Series, Mercedes B and C Class, and the Lexus IS are some examples. Furthermore, if automakers offer features on lower-end models that are also available in the top-end models, there is the psychological effect of “Hey! My A3 has the same LED headlights as the R8!” Having a baby Boxster in the product line-up would attract people who love Porsches that are “not quite there yet”.

If the price is right for the baby Boxster, it can even lure some of the potential 335i, M3, CLK, and SLK buyers to “convert”. The real problem is, the baby Boxster would also compete with its own Audi TT, TTS and even the existing Boxster if Porsche is not being careful enough in the pricing. Pricing it too high defeats the purpose of its existence (Why would I get one if the true Boxster is only several thousands more?) Pricing it too low may make the brand look cheap (Everyone is driving a baby Boxster. Porsche is not special anymore.)

Only time will tell on whether the baby Boxster can actually make it into production. No matter how “baby” the mini Boxster is, people would buy it. After all, it is still a Porsche.

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