Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trend Mansory Panamera 2010

The over the top tuning firm Mansory has a long tradition of taking British sports cars and turning them into wild carbon fiber clad creations that make whatever aggression the car's design team incorporated simply seem weak. However after the shop's owner Kourosh Mansory came out with the Porsche Cayenne Chopster, transforming one of the German automaker's four door sports cars was the next logical step. So today, the Swiss aftermarket manufacturer is revealing the details about their upcoming customization program for the 2010 Porsche Panamera.

Trend Mansory Panamera 2010The Mansory Panamera wears an aggressive body kit made from either a high strength polyurethane material (PU RIM) or very exotic and lightweight carbon fiber. Starting off up front the Panamera's snout is no longer smiling but instead snarling with its inverted vents on either side of the larger front air dam.

Trend Mansory Panamera 2010The hood features a pair of Aston Martin like vents and a set of significantly blistered wheel arches to house the staggered 21 inch wheels with an especially wide set of rollers measuring in at 11.5 inch across in the back. The ground effects package lowers the car by about an inch and gives the GT car a much wider stance, like it is ready to pounce on whatever stands in its way.

Trend Mansory Panamera 2010
Trend Mansory Panamera 2010 The inside of the Mansory Panamera will be tailored to suit a variety of tastes. For the more genteel there is an offering of precious wood trim and fine varnish finishes or for the more modern day consummate driver dynamic carbon carbon fiber and aluminum panels will adorn the tuned Panamera's interior. However the sport designed steering wheel will remind the driver that no matter which package they choose, they are behind the wheel of a true sports car.

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