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Top Five Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles in 2010

In a sophisticated and fast-paced society where every other person runs from pillar to post at hectic pace to fulfill his duties and pursue his cherished goals, relying on public means of transportation for moving around the city or other places might not be a viable option that can be considered for a prolonged period. While it will not only end up costly to the purse, a lot of time and energy gets wasted waiting for public means of transportation.

Top Five Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles in 2010This makes a valid case for owning a car or a 4x4 truck for a family. But the very idea of buying a car or a 4x4 truck gets dissipated when you think about the fuel cost, depreciation and other maintenance costs related with a 4-wheeler. What are the main criteria one should consider while deciding to purchase a car or a truck for transportation needs?

Top Five Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles in 2010For a person who values style, luxury, comfort, and fashion more than the price of gas, diesel or petrol spent per kilometer of driving, fuel efficiency might be the last thing in mind or even might not be a consideration at all.Most of the vehicles available in the marketplace by automakers such as General Motors, Honda, and Toyota do provide a unique style, comfort and luxury to the vehicle owners.

Top Five Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles in 2010
Top Five Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles in 2010

Nine out of ten people having decided to go for a new vehicle have one common thing in mind - and that is fuel efficiency, or in other words, mileage of the vehicle. Fuel efficiency can be achieved in two ways - one selecting the ideal vehicle that guarantees and provides fuel efficiency, and the second is in the owner's hands - how he handles the vehicle and how he maintains the same.

A vehicle that can reach 0 - 60 Mph in flat 5 seconds or less would be a great one no doubt, but it might not guarantee fuel efficiency. The locality in which you tend to use the vehicle the most, the terrain conditions and such other factors do have an impact on the choice of the most fuel-efficient vehicles.

The automakers, using the latest in technological advancements and considering the ecological factors into consideration, have brought out a number of models that capture the eye of the fuel-efficiency savvy consumer.

Toyota Prius from the stable of Toyota Motor Company will be one of the models worth considering to provide comfort, luxury and fuel efficiency. If you were a person who tends to travel around 100 kilometers a day, then Prius would be an ideal choice. Prius offers a mileage of 48 from a gallon of gas for city driving while for driving in highways, the vehicle claims to give a mileage of 45.

Another vehicle from the Toyota stable, the Toyota Camry Hybrid with adequate comfort and seating capacity for 5 people can also be a serious contender in the most fuel-efficient vehicle category for 2010. If you want to look away from Toyota Brand, Volkswagen's Jetta TDI, Altima Hybrid from Nissan Motor and Ford Escape Hybrid from Ford Motors might meet your requirements. These brands are among the most fuel-efficient vehicles available in the market place in the year 2010.

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