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2010 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Uncovered!

The Monte Carlo hit the roads for the first time in the year 1970 as an impressive product from the Chevrolet, which is a subsidiary of the General Motors. The vehicle falls under the category of personal luxury sedans. The company dropped the production of the model in the year 1988 and again restarted its manufacturing in the year 1995 and continued up to the model year 2007.

2010 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Uncovered!The vehicle was produced as a predecessor to the Chevrolet Lumina coupe, which was in production during the period 1990 to 1994 and as a successor to the 5th generation Chevrolet Camaro. Now, it is time to welcome the latest generation - the 2010 Monte Carlo!

2010 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Uncovered!The salient features in the vehicle include:

• Engine- 3.5 L V6
• Power generation- 156 kilo watts
• Polished Aluminum wheels
• Heated Exterior Mirrors
• AM / FM / CD and XM Radio

2010 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Uncovered!
2010 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Uncovered! The Monte Carlo model was designed by the general manager of the Chevrolet, Elliot M. Estes and the Dave Holls, a chief stylist from the same company. The vehicle was modeled based on the Cadillac Eldorado style and it includes the body structure of Chevrolet Chevelle in which, the rear window, firewall, windshield and the decklid were similar. The vehicle was designed by adding sheet metal at the front end, new rear fenders and the wider C-pillars. In order to create the look of muscular body, the vehicle was added with bulges to the fenders.

Though this luxury car was developed under the Pete Estes leadership, it was introduced formally in the month of September, 1969 by the John Z. DeLorean, who joined as a general manager after succeeding Estes. The engine used in the vehicle was a standard powertrain with the capacity of 5.7 liters V8 turbo- fire with two barrels, which produces the power of 186 kilo watts at the speed of 4500 rotations per minute and produces a torque of 345 lb ft at 2800 rotations per minute.

The Monte Carlo released in the year 1974, was produced with minor changes to the predecessor vehicle released in the year 1973. The revised Monte Carlo released in the year 1975 was included with a grille and tail lights in vertical shape. The Monte Carlo released in the year 2006 was displayed at an auto show held in Los Angeles in the year 2005.

Looking at what the latest 2010 Monte Carlo has got to offer its 5.3 L V8 engine produces 226 kilo watts of power, which is placed in most of the front wheel drive models. The Monte Carlo ended its production on 19th of June, 2007 at the Oshawa Car Assembly plant. On the same day two Chevrolet Monte Carlo vehicles were rolled off at the Oshawa Assembly plant and these were same as the SS models with red exterior paint, interior made up of Ebony Nuance leather and the Silver Rally Stripes.

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