Monday, May 10, 2010

How Far Has the Luxury Car Market Evolved

Lexus have established themselves as one of the big Japanese marques alongside Nissan and Honda. This is because the have been able to produce a great range of cars that are very reliable and very luxurious. And this, in my opinion, is the main aim of Lexus - to be the best luxurious car brand in the world. This could be true as they have got several cars that are quoted on their excellent ride and comfort as well as space.

How Far Has the Luxury Car Market EvolvedAt the moment Lexus have cars in the saloon and luxury market as this is where they are paying most attention. This also happens to be where the other top car marques in the world are showcasing there idea of a saloon car and this is the perfect opportunity for Lexus to show the public how good their car is compared to their European rivals.

How Far Has the Luxury Car Market EvolvedFor example, the IS series saloon is in direct competition with the BMW 3 series and the new Mercedes C class. These two cars have dominated that part of the market for a number of years and new comers have found it hard to get in and make excellent sales like the other two. A good example of this is the Jaguar S type. Because of this Lexus have had to design and build a very serious competitor and in many cases they have succeeded on doing this.

How Far Has the Luxury Car Market Evolved
How Far Has the Luxury Car Market EvolvedMany reviews on the IS series from motoring magazines have complimented the very stylish and sporty looks on the exterior and great comfort and design on the inside. Others have also written good things about the simplicity of the IS and how good the ride comfort is.

Another sector of the car market where Lexus are putting a lot of effort in is the luxury car market. They have released the LS and GS series that are putting pressure on the big car makers in Europe such as BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar.

This is very prestigious as it is this part of the market where most businesses will choose their cars whether for private use or for fleets. This is where a lot of money can be made in the car market. Lexus are again under stiff competition for their place in the market from Europe but they have got some advantages.

New hybrid technology that has been developed to be used in Lexus cars has enabled them to be more energy efficient and economical than their rivals which allows them to have a unique selling point over their competitors in the market. This will also give an advantage due to the fact that many fleet cars in a business will be travelling lots of miles every year and the hybrid technology will allow businesses to save a lot of money on fuel due to the fact that the Lexus cars will be more efficient. They have also been able to design the car so it has a huge amount of space that gives it the edge for comfort usability.

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